Pre-Theology Program

Program Goals

A Pre-Theology Program prepares men who have completed an undergraduate degree but lack the philosophy and theology background necessary for graduate level theological studies (Program of Priestly Formation, 5th edition 161). The Pre-Theology Program of Kenrick School of Theology responds to the needs of students to prepare for theological study while adapting to a seminary environment. (PDV 62). As a preparatory component to the seminary program, the Pre-Theology Program integrates the seminary goals into this process (These goals are further discussed in the “Statement of Purpose” section of the Student Handbook and in the catalog). The following facets of the Pre-Theology Program identify Kenrick Seminary’s efforts to support students who are still seeking entrance into a school of theology. Specifically, these facets have three areas of focus: Human and Spiritual; Intellectual and Cultural; Pastoral and Practical.

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