Faculty, Directors and Trustees

Full-Time Faculty

Fr. John Horn, SJ
Fr. John Horn, S.J.
B.A., 1974 - Loyola College (Baltimore)
M.A., 1976 - Georgetown University
M.Div., 1985 - Weston School of Theology
M.A., 1986 - Creighton University
D. Min., 1994 - Emory University
Kenrick Since 2011
Mary Ann Aubin
Ms. Mary Ann Aubin
Director of the Library
B.A., 1973 - Fontbonne College
M.A., 1984 - Saint Louis University
M.L.S., 1997 - University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Kenrick Since 2005
Dr. John Gresham
Dr. John L. Gresham
Academic Dean
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Director of Assessment
B.A., 1979 - Wheaton College
M.A., 1994 - University of North Texas
M.A., 1985 - Wheaton College
Ph.D., 1991 - Baylor University
Kenrick Since 2002
Dr. Susanne Harvath
Dr. Susanne M. Harvath
Coordinator of Human Formation Services
Professor of Pastoral Counseling
B.A., 1972 - Saint Louis University
M.A., 1974 - Washington University
Ph.D., 1982 - Saint Louis University
Kenrick Since 1990
Rev. James Knapp, S.J.
Spiritual Director
Assistant Professor of Moral Theology
B.A., 1973, Saint Louis University
M.Div., S.T.B, 1981, Regis College, University of Toronto
M.Th., S.T.L., 1982, Regis College, University of Toronto
S.T.D., 2005, Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family 
Kenrick Since 2011
Rev. Gregory Mikesch
Msgr. Gregory Mikesch
BA from Cardinal Glennon College, 1971
M.Div. from Kenrick Seminary, 1975
MA from St. Louis University, 1992
Kenrick since 2011
Msgr. James Ramacciotti
Rev. Msgr. James J. Ramacciotti
Canon Law Faculty
B.A. 1981 - Cardinal Glennon College
M.Div., 1985 - Kenrick School of Theology
J.C.L., 1995 - Pontifical Gregorian University
Kenrick Since 1995 
Rev. Paul Rothschild
Rev. Paul Rothschild
Dean of Students
Director of Pastoral Formation
B.A., 1980 - Cardinal Glennon College
M.Div., 1984 - Kenrick School of Theology
Kenrick Since 2005
Rev. Peter Ryan, SJ
Rev. Peter Ryan, S.J.
Director of Spiritual Formation
Professor of Moral Theology
B.A., 1974, Loyola College in Maryland, Political Science
M.A., 1982, Gonzaga University, English Literature
M.A./Ph.L., 1985, Gonzaga University, Philosophy
M.Div., 1987, Regis College and the University of Toronto
S.T.L., 1991, Gregorian University, Rome
S.T.D., 1996, Gregorian University, Rome
Kenrick Since 2012
Rev. Randy Soto
Rev. Randy Soto
Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture - N.T.
BPh, Seminario Central, Costa Rica. 1986
BTh, Seminario Central, Costa Rica. 1989
MA, in Theology Dunwoodie, NY., USA 1991
STL in Biblical Theology, P.I.B. and the P.U.G. Rome 1996
SThD in Biblical Theology, P.U.G. Rome 2003

Kenrick Since 2006

Rev. Kristian Teater
Assistant Professor of Spiritual Theology
B.A. in Philosophy and Letters, SLU 1996
S.T.B. in Theology, Pontifical Gregorian University, 1999
S.T.L. in Moral Theology, Alphonsianum, 2001
Kenrick Since 2008

Fr. James Swift, CM
Fr. James Swift, C.M.
Professor of Systematic Theology
Director of Worship

B.A., 1973 - St. Thomas Seminary, Denver, Colorado
M.A., 1978 - DeAndreis Institute of Theology, Lemont, Illinois
M.A., 1978 - DeAndreis Institute of Theology, Lemont, Illinois
M.A., 1978 - University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana
S.T.L., 1985 - Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome
S.T.D., 1988 - Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome

Kenrick since 1978
Dr. Lawrence Welch
Dr. Lawrence J. Welch
Professor of Systematic Theology
B.A., 1983 - St. Meinrad College
M.A., 1985 - University of Notre Dame
Ph.D., 1992 - Marquette University
Kenrick Since 1994
Msgr. Michael Witt
Associate Professor of Church History
B.A., 1970 - Christian Brothers College
M.A., 1975 - Saint Louis University
Ph.D., 1980 - Saint Louis University
M.Div., 1991 - Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
Kenrick Since 1996
Ms. Mary Beth Wittry
Ms. Mary Beth Wittry
Director of Sacred Music
B.M.E., 1981 - Bradley University
M.M., 1985 - University of Illinois
Kenrick Since 2004

Continuing Part-Time

Dr. Ed Hogan
Dr. Ed Hogan
Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
B.S., 1992 - University of Scranton
Ph.D., 2001- Boston College
Kenrick since 2011
Msgr. Ed Griesedieck
Rev Msgr. Edmund Griesedieck
Associate Spiritual Director
B.A., 1952 - Cornell University
S.T.L., 1965 - Catholic University
Kenrick Since 2003
Fr. Laurence Kriegshauser, O.S.B.
Rev. Laurence Kriegshauser, O.S.B.
Assistant Professor of Old Testament

B.A., 1961 - University of Notre Dame
S.T.L., 1969 - University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Kenrick Since 2010

Dr. Shawn Welch
Dr. Shawn Welch
Associate Professor of Moral Theology
B.S.,1983 - Loyola University, Chicago
M.A., 1986 - Loyola University, Chicago
Ph.D., 1998 - Marquette University
Kenrick Since 1999

Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Erich Fechner
Fr. Erich Fechner
Instructor, Deacon Practicum
B.S., 1982, University of Missouri-Rolla
M.S., 1985, University of Missouri-Rolla
M.Div., 1992, Kenrick School of Theology
Kenrick since 2011
Fr. Jason Schumer
Fr. Jason Schumer
Lecturer, Formation
B.A., 2006 - Cardinal Glennon College through Saint Louis University
S.T.B., 2009 - Gregorian University, Rome
S.T.L., 2011 - University of the Holy Cross, Rome


Kenrick Since 2011

Sr. Catherine Marie Stewart, S.D.S.H.
Lecturer of Religious Education
B.A., 1977 - University of California, Irvine
M.A., 1987 - Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome
Kenrick Since 2001
Rev. Don Wester
Rev. Don Wester
Lecturer of Homiletics
B.A., 1972 - Harris Teacher's College
M.Div., 1978 - Kenrick School of Theology
D. Min., 2004 - Aquinas Institute of Theology
Kenrick Since 2010