Kenrick School of Theology Academic Standards

Grading System

Grade   Quality Points
A Work of highest-quality achievement combined with a display of special aptitudes and interests 4.00
B+ Superior work indicating high level of achievement 3.50
B Average performance at the graduate level 3.00
C+ Acceptable performance but somewhat below average 2.50
C Minimum passing grade; work of marginal acceptability 2.00
Failure. This is a permanent grade and, in the case of a required course, can be compensated for only by a repetition of the course in which the failure was reported. Elective courses in which a failure was received may be compensated for by substitutions of other elective courses.
I Incomplete Work. This temporary notation indicates that the work for a course has not been completed by the end of the semester. A delay in completing the work for a course is granted only with explicit approval of the professor. Even then, the “I” must be removed within thrity days of the end of the semester; otherwise the course grade automatically becomes an “F”. The fee for the removal of an incomplete grade is $50.00.  
P Pass. Certain subjects are on a “Pass/Fail” basis only: Field Education programs and some Liturgical Formation Practica. Neither “P” nor “F” affects the grade point average.  
WP Withdrawal while passing  
WF Withdrawal while failing  

The grades A- (3.75 quality points), B- (2.75 quality points), and C- (1.75 quality points) may be given at the discretion of the professor.

Any student who falls below a 2.75 Grade Point Average is automatically placed on academic probation.


The Seminary awards the honor citation “Graduates with Distinction” to degree recipients. A GPA of 3.80 is required to receive this citation.

Glenski Award

The Glenski Award is named after Sister Zoe Glenski, a Daughter of Charity, who taught Church History at the seminary for almost thirty years. This award is given at Convocation to students who write an excellent thesis and who achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.80.


A student or former student may request a transcript of his scholastic record certifying courses of studies pursued and standing attained.

An official transcript is a certified copy of the record of courses and grades, for the use of those who need an official document.

Transcripts are officially certified by the Registrar, or in the absence of the Registrar, by the Academic Dean. Transcripts will be withheld from any student or former student who has not met his financial obligations to the institution.

To obtain an official transcript, please contact the Registrar, Deacon Joseph Meiergerd: or (314) 768-1730.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, is a federal law that states an educational institution must maintain the confidentiality of students’ educational records. Kenrick-Glennon Seminary takes the responsibility for ensuring the privacy and security of the records and data maintained. For more information on this, contact the Registrar’s Office.