History of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Seminary BeginningsSaint Mary's of the Barrens Seminary

1818:   Arrival of members of the Roman Province of the Congregation of the Mission, the Vincentians, in Perryville, Missouri, at the request of Bishop Louis William Valentine DuBourg of the Diocese of Louisiana and the Floridas; Establishment of Saint Mary’s of the Barrens Seminary, the first seminary west of the Mississippi River, by the Congregation of the MissionBishop Rosati, C.M.
1826:   Foundation of the Diocese of Saint Louis by Pope Leo XII; Appointment of Bishop Joseph Rosati, C.M., as first bishop of the diocese the following year; Seminary students of the new diocese shared the Vincentian facilities at Perryville until 1842
1842:   Transfer of the seminarians of the diocese by Bishop Peter Richard Kenrick to a Vincentian house on Carroll Street in Saint Louis
1858:   Transfer of the entire Archdiocesan Seminary to Cape Girardeau Bishop Peter Richard Kenrickto form a regional seminary at St. Vincent’s College, which did not prosper due to the hostilities of the Civil War. Students were sent to other locations, including Saint Francis Seminary, in Milwaukee; Saint Mary’s Seminary, in Baltimore; and the North American College, in Rome, by Archbishop Kenrick due to dropping enrollment at Archdiocesan Seminary

Kenrick Seminary

First Kenrick Seminary1893:   Re-opening of the philosophy and theology departments of the Archdiocesan Seminary in Saint Louis by Archbishop John J. Kain; Entrustment of the new Seminary, the first to bear the name of Kenrick Seminary, to the direction of the Vincentian Community, located in a former convent of the Visitation Nuns at 19th Street and Cass Avenue
1900:   Re-establishment of the Minor Seminary, Kenrick Preparatory Seminary, at the Cass Avenue building by Archbishop Kain
 John Cardinal Glennon
1915:   Opening of the second Kenrick Seminary located on Kenrick Road by Archbishop John J. Glennon (Cardinal Glennon in 1946), since the Cass Avenue facilities proved inadequate
1916:   Formal dedication of the new Kenrick Seminary on April 27
1931:   Opening of the first Saint Louis Preparatory Seminary, the present Kenrick-Glennon Saint Louis Preparatory SeminarySeminary building, on the same spacious grounds as the second Kenrick Seminary
1957:   Opening of a new facility for the high school at 5200 Shrewsbury Avenue by Archbishop Ritter, effecting a division of the Archdiocesan seminary into the new Prep (a four-year high school); Cardinal Glennon College (a four-year college), and Kenrick Seminary (a four-year theologate)
Cardinal Ritter1961:   Granting of full accreditation to Cardinal Glennon College by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
1970:   Granting of full accreditation to Kenrick Seminary by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

 Archbishop John May
1987:   Consolidation of the seminary system of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis by Archbishop John L. May, including relocation of Kenrick Seminary on Kenrick Road to the Cardinal Glennon College building (after extensive renovations) on Glennon Drive, to become the present-day Kenrick-Glennon Seminary; Kenrick retained its status as a freestanding school of theology but Cardinal Glennon College closed its freestanding undergraduate program and established a collaborative-model program in conjunction with the College of Philosophy and Letters at Saint Louis University
1988:   Beginning of formal operations of the Board of Trustees
Justin Cardinal Rigali1995:   Announcement by Archbishop Justin Rigali (Cardinal Rigali in 2003) that, after 177 years of collaboration between the Vincentian Community and the Archdiocese in the running of the Seminary, the Archdiocese would henceforth assume full responsibility while the Vincentian Community would continue to make personnel available for certain positions in the Seminary faculty
2008:   Authorization by the Higher Learning Commission of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary to extend accreditation to include the Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
2009:   Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy first awarded to College and Pre-Theology seminarians who successfully completed their studies from the Cardinal Glennon College of Kenrick-Glennon SeminaryKenrick-Glennon Seminary
2011:   Major renovations of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary building during which time the Seminary community was housed at a temporary location
2013:   Return to renovated Kenrick-Glennon Seminary campus