Admissions Procedures

College Seminarians Serving at Priesthood Ordination 2012Cardinal Glennon College admits young men who:

  • are desirous to discern a call to the Priesthood and
  • are sponsored by their local Ordinary (Bishop or Provincial Superior)

Applicants should not apply directly for the College for admittance, but should first contact the proper representative of the Bishop or Provincial Superior, usually the Director of Vocations.

Young men from the Archdiocese of Saint Louis who seek an application to Cardinal Glennon College should contact Fr. Chris Martin, Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, at

For further information about Cardinal Glennon College, please contact Fr. David Skillman, Vice-Rector for Cardinal Glennon College, at For additional information regarding Saint Louis University and their admission process to the School of Philosophy and Letters, please visit the SLU Website.

Application Process

A man begins the application process for admission to Cardinal Glennon College with the Director of Vocations. Often this meeting is not the first contact between the Vocation Director and the aspirant, as the slow cultivation of a relationship which creates a certain level of trust is usually necessary for a young man to open up enough to approach the Vocation Director about an interior desire to consider the Priesthood more formally. But through the first contact conversation or series of conversations, the Vocation Director obtains basic information to determine suitability of the aspirant for seminary formation. Information includes residence, family, home parish, educational background, academic performance, marital or vowed religious status, and personal history.

For men aspiring to the diocesan priesthood in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, the application for acceptance as a seminarian for the Archdiocese and the application for admissions to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary are united in one comprehensive application package. Specific application components include:

A. The Director of Vocations will interview each applicant, inform him of the process of application, and gather the following documentation:

1. Completed application to Cardinal Glennon College (includes in-depth record of personal, family, educational, employment, ecclesiastical/canonical, legal and financial history)

2. Official Academic Transcripts to Cardinal Glennon College and to the Office of Admissions of Saint Louis University (if applicable) and Financial Aid Forms

3. Report of Health Examinations and Immunization Records, including HIV test results, eye and dental examinations

4. Behavioral and Psychological Assessments

5. Sacramental Records (Baptismal and Confirmation Certificates)

6. Autographical Essay which communicates the desire for the priesthood and a personal autobiographical interpretation of how God has worked through significant others and events in the applicant’s life; the essay also requires an applicant to reflect on the gifts he believes have been given to him by God and how they might be employed in the priesthood

7. Insurance Information (health and automobile)

8. Criminal Records and Identification Information

9. Letters of Recommendation, one of which must be from the applicant’s Pastor

10. Evaluation Summary Requests from the Rectors of any previous seminaries attended

B. Once the application package is complete, the Vocation Director makes a final review of the application, and if the applicant is deemed suitable, the application is forwarded to the Vice-Rector of Cardinal Glennon College (Note: For those men applying to enter first or second year college, admission is dependent upon an applicant’s admission to Saint Louis University).

C. An interview with the Vice-Rector of Cardinal Glennon College and the Academic Office of the College is scheduled for the applicant. Upon positive recommendations from this Admissions Committee, the Vice-Rector of Cardinal Glennon College communicates his decision for admission to the Vocation Director who, in turn, sends a letter to the Archbishop asking him to sponsor the applicant.

D. The Archbishop of Saint Louis sends a letter of sponsorship to the applicant, formally completing the application process. A copy of this letter is sent to the Vocation Director and the Vice-Rector of Cardinal Glennon College.

Application Deadline:  All applications for undergraduate admission to Cardinal Glennon College Seminary and Saint Louis University (for those entering as Freshmen and Sophomores) for the Fall semester must be completed and received by the Vice-Rector of Cardinal Glennon College Seminary (and the Office of Undergraduate Admission at St. Louis University) before April 30 for early registration privileges and no later than July 31. In order to be considered for admission, all applicants must be graduates of accredited secondary schools or must have successfully completed and passed the General Educational Diploma (GED) examination. Under ordinary circumstances, applications to Cardinal Glennon College Seminary are considered only for the fall semester. Transfer applicants who seek to enter the Seminary during the spring semester will be considered under special circumstances (for example, previous seminary enrollment).