Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

Religious Etchings and Art

Over the course of time, many books are discarded with little thought as to the content inside. Many religious etchings from various old books have been scanned at a high resolution in order to preserve the fading pictures.

You can preview the pictures, and download any one of the pictures by clicking on the link below the picture that says "Load full-size original in new window." All of these images are copyright-free, so you may use them as you wish.

Abraham raises an altar to the Lord
Biblical Etchings

A collection of etchings from the Old an New Testaments - over 150 etchings depicting various events throughout the Bible.

The Fourth Station
The Holy Way of the Cross

Follow the way of the cross as presented with various beautiful etchings, and read the text, transcribed from the original book alongside the etchings.

The Birth of Jesus
Various Religious Etchings

View other etchings obtained from various other sources, having to do with biblical stories and also drawing from the Church's great Traditions.

Crucifix in St. Joseph's Chapel
Desktop Pictures

Right now, there is only one Kenrick-Glennon Seminary Desktop picture, but more will be added as they become available.

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