Cardinal Glennon College

“This is the profound meaning of being a priest: to become a friend of Jesus Christ. We should commit ourselves again to this friendship every day....This means that we must know Jesus in an ever more personal way, listening to him, living together with him, spending time with him.”

 ~Pope Benedict XVI

College Seminarians Serving for AdorationThe Archdiocese of Saint Louis takes great pride in the priestly formation which takes place at Cardinal Glennon College. This four-year liberal arts college is accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Upon completion of the requirements of the college program, the students receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

For those who are considering the possibility of a priestly vocation, there is no better place to discern the call to the priesthood than at the seminary. The seminary is a “school of human virtue, of growth in honesty, integrity, intellectual rigor, hard work, tolerance, where the common good is built with solidarity and discipline—all leavened by humor and healthy enjoyment (Program of Priestly Formation, n. 260). Cardinal Glennon College operates a collaborative-model undergraduate formation program conjointly with the College of Philosophy and Letters of Saint Louis University. Seminary students complete their first and second years of general education requirements at Saint Louis University, and their third and fourth years of philosophy and theology requirements at the seminary.

For further information, please contact Fr. David Skillman, Vice-Rector for Cardinal Glennon College at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, at